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★ Anime DVDs & Anime/Manga Merchandise - Hiyokoya Sales Journal ✿ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Welcome to our selling journal!

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★ Anime DVDs & Anime/Manga Merchandise [Aug. 3rd, 2013♪ 09:26 pm]


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We would be more than happy to provide additional photos upon request. By entering into a transaction with us, you have agreed to our Terms of Sale outlined under the cut below.

EGL feedback | Additional Feedback

[ Click to read our Terms of Sale ]
Payment Policy
* Paypal preferred. We don't charge fees :3
* Item will go to the first person who PMs their Paypal address and is willing to pay the asking price. We go by time stamps.
* Unless noted, shipping is not included in the price.
* Payment plans are possible if you place a 20% non-refundable deposit sent as a "gift."
* Payment is expected within 24hrs, otherwise the next person in line will get priority.
* We will only ship to confirmed Paypal addresses. If you want us to ship elsewhere, you can specify that change through Paypal when you pay the invoice.

International Buyers
* We will ship internationally if you agree to EMS, which comes with tracking. We will lower the value on the customs form for you and mark your purchase as a gift. Please note that if your item gets lost in the mail, we would only be able to recover the amount claimed on the customs form.
* We would only be willing to send items out via First Class or Priority Mail International, if you gift your payment. Since neither of these shipping methods can be tracked, we will not be held responsible if your item gets lost, damaged, etc. in transit. We will of course lower the value on the customs form and mark your item as a gift per your instructions. We will also show you a shipping receipt as proof. Again, if your item gets lost in the mail, we would only be able to recover the amount declared on the customs form.

* We retain the right to refuse a sale if you have no feedback or negative feedback.
* Items come from a pet and smoke-free home.
* All measurements were taken FLAT. We did our best to be as accurate as possible and in describing any and all flaws.
* Items are shipped out daily. We will PM the tracking number/ confirmation that your purchase has been shipped.
* NO TRADES at this time, please.
* Once your item leaves our hands, We claim no responsibility for postal system loss/damage.
* Feel free to make reasonable offers (PMs are A-OK ^^), but please note that we give priority to buyers who will pay our asking price first and are located in the US.

** US Residents, shipping rates start at $3 for USPS First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation for small/light items. $2.50 USPS Media Mail for one dvd/book and .50 cents for each additional dvd/book purchased. It costs around $6 for USPS Priority Mail w/DC for light items (but you get the item in 2~3 days). We are more than willing to employ flat rate boxes to save you money on multiple purchases. **

** International Buyers, shipping rates start at $10 for USPS First Class International Mail (no tracking) for small, light items. Registered Airmail to most international locations starts at $13. **

Anime DVDS

*Gunsword (vol. 1) - $3
*Witch Hunter Robin - Arrival (eps. 1 - 5) - $3
*Witch Hunter Robin - Belief (eps. 6 - 10) - $2
[The plastic cover on the front of the case is peeling off at the bottom.]
*Me My Strawberry Eggs (vol. 2) - $3
*Dual - Visions (vol. 1) - $3
*Dual - Student Housing (vol. 2) - $3
*Hamtaro - Hams Hams Head Seaward - $3
*Hamtaro - Hamtaro and the Ham Hams - $3

Anime & Manga Merch

*Gurren Lagann Cell Cleaner Strap Set - $8 Close-up
*Gurren Lagann Cell Cleaner Straps - $8 Close-up
*Gurren Lagann Cell Sticker Sheet - $5 Close-up

*Ghost in the Shell SAC Patch - $8
*Gurren Lagann Patch - $8

*Official Full Metal Alchemist Ed's Pocket Watch with Chain - $25 shipped
New in packaging. Licensed by Funimation, this stainless steel pocket watch is inscribed with “Don’t Forget 3.Oct.10,” on the inside of the cover along with the copyright stuff to show it's an official product. I bought it brand new from Anime Jungle about a year ago, so it works, but the battery is dead and needs to be replaced (I think you have to pry off the back panel). I only displayed this watch, so the clear protective stickers are still on the front of the watch, over the FMA state military symbol, the watch face, and on the back of the watch. I will ship this to you in the silver tin it came in. I think it would work well with a FMA cosplay and since it's a real watch, you can use in it your daily life as well. The face size is about 1.75" and the chain is 15" long.

*Bleach Kon Pin - $12 shipped
New in packaging. Really neat pin featuring Kon. It's the size of a kilt pin, but would look great on anything.

*Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Fan - $8
Brand New/Never Used. Bought at Animate. This fan is super cute and semi-transparent. It could be very useful at your next summer anime convention!

*Code Geass Clear Bookmarks - $14
New in packaging.
*Code Geass Lelouch Kilt/Sweater Pin - $12
New in packaging.

*Hikaru no Go sticker sheet - $4
*Hikaru no Go Shitajiki - $10

*Death Note Chocolate Notebook - $4
A few pages were used and there's slight damage (a cut) along the binding towards the top. The notebook still smells a little bit like chocolate :)
*Super Mario Bros. Light Up Mascot on a Skateboard - $4
New in packaging.
*Hana Yori Dango Chopsticks Case - $5


*Galaxy Angel Deck of Cards - $4
The box is a little banged up, but the deck is complete. Each suite is a different color.
*Angel Sanctuary Manga-sized Book Cover - $9
New in packaging.

*Galaxy Angel Handkerchief - $5
New in packaging. I have a lot of these in stock! Buy more than one and I'll cut you a deal :D These make great stocking stuffers btw.

*Fruits Basket Note Cards in plastic case - $6
Incomplete - 10 of the cookie card, 9 of the the other designs
*Angel Sanctuary Note Cards in plastic case - $5
Incomplete - 2 designs have 9 cards, 1 design has 8 cards, and another has 7
*Never Give Up Note Cards in plastic case - $8
Complete - 10 of each design

*Chibi Daikon Mascot Set - $8
New in packaging.
*Doraemon Mascot Set - $14
New in packaging.

*Gintama Strap - $8
Brand new in packaging.
*Final Fantasy Sabotender Cactuar Strap - $14
Brand new, but there's a slight crease across the top of the strap here.

*Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune sticker dolls - $5
These are sort of like paper dolls, but they're stickers, so they're much smaller than your standard paper doll. Technically, you should be able to re-use and re-stick them on different surfaces.

Anime DVDs, Anime and Manga merchandise from various series.