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★ English & Japanese Language Manga/Phonebook Manga/Artbooks/Anime & Fashion Magazines

We would be more than happy to provide additional photos upon request. By entering into a transaction with us, you have agreed to our Terms of Sale outlined under the cut below.

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Payment Policy
* Paypal preferred. We don't charge fees :3
* Item will go to the first person who PMs their Paypal address and is willing to pay the asking price. We go by time stamps.
* Unless noted, shipping is not included in the price.
* Payment plans are possible if you place a 20% non-refundable deposit sent as a "gift."
* Payment is expected within 24hrs, otherwise the next person in line will get priority.
* We will only ship to confirmed Paypal addresses. If you want us to ship elsewhere, you can specify that change through Paypal when you pay the invoice.

International Buyers
* We will ship internationally if you agree to EMS, which comes with tracking. We will lower the value on the customs form for you and mark your purchase as a gift. Please note that if your item gets lost in the mail, we would only be able to recover the amount claimed on the customs form.
* We would only be willing to send items out via First Class or Priority Mail International, if you gift your payment. Since neither of these shipping methods can be tracked, we will not be held responsible if your item gets lost, damaged, etc. in transit. We will of course lower the value on the customs form and mark your item as a gift per your instructions. We will also show you a shipping receipt as proof. Again, if your item gets lost in the mail, we would only be able to recover the amount declared on the customs form.

* We retain the right to refuse a sale if you have no feedback or negative feedback.
* Items come from a pet and smoke-free home.
* All measurements were taken FLAT. We did our best to be as accurate as possible and in describing any and all flaws.
* Items are shipped out daily. We will PM the tracking number/ confirmation that your purchase has been shipped.
* NO TRADES at this time, please.
* Once your item leaves our hands, We claim no responsibility for postal system loss/damage.
* Feel free to make reasonable offers (PMs are A-OK ^^), but please note that we give priority to buyers who will pay our asking price first and are located in the US.

** US Residents, shipping rates start at $3 for USPS First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation for small/light items. $2.60 via Media Mail for one book/dvd, $.50 for each additional item thereafter. It costs around $6 for USPS Priority Mail w/DC for light items (but you get the item in 2~3 days). We are more than willing to employ flat rate boxes to save you money on multiple purchases. **

** International Buyers, shipping rates may start at $9 for USPS First Class International Mail (no tracking) for small, light items. Registered Airmail to most international locations starts at $13. **

English Language Manga

*Chobits v.1 - SOLD
*DNAngel v.9 - SOLD
*Kindaichi Case Files - The Opera House Murders $10 [Mint condition. Rare and OOP.]
*Battle Royale vol.1 - $6 [Good condition. Best medium featuring school-aged kids on an island battling each other to the death. You should be 17+ in order to buy this!]
*Rave Master v.4 - SOLD

*Wish v.1 - SOLD
*(YAOI) Just My Luck - [Good condition] SOLD
*(YAOI) Ludwig II - [Good condition] SOLD
*Dogs Prelude 0 - $8 [Good condition]

Japanese Language Manga
I'm trying to clear out my Japanese manga collection, so please feel free to make an offer. For more information on these titles, check them out at Baka-Updates Manga, a great resource for checking out domestic and Japan-release manga.

*Gyakuten Saiban 4 Anthology Comic - $10
Different stories drawn by different mangaka that feature the characters from the game. Sort of like a doujinshi.
*Wild Arms Alter Code: F (4-Koma) - $10
Same as above, only this time it's in a comic strip format.
*Capcom All Stars Autumn 2001 - $10
Same as the Apollo Justice anthology - different stories featuring Capcom characters drawn by various mangaka

*I'll Be Your Slave by Miki Araya - SOLD
Good condition. Some minor wear to the cover and obi
*Darling Long Legs by Sakuya Fujii - SOLD
Good condition. Some minor wear to the cover and obi

*Shaman King vols. - SOLD
*Naruto vols. 1, 2 - $3/each
*Prince of Tennis vol. 1 - SOLD

*Hikaru no Go vols. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - $4 each/ $18 for all

*Kindaichi Case Files vols. 2, 3 - $4 / each
*Persona vols. 1, 2 - $5 / each
*Mamotte Shugogetten vol. 3 - SOLD

*Tokyo Crazy Paradise (by the mangaka of Skip Beat!) vols. 1, 2, 3, 5 - $3 / each
*Shounen no Fukasuru Oto (by Kaori Yuuki) - $3
Part of the Earl Cain series
*Kafka by Kaori Yuuki- $3
*Angel Sanctuary vol. 1 - $3

*Magic Knight Rayearth vol. 3 - $3
Missing the paper doll at the end.
*Tales From the Abyss vol. 1 - $10

*Sailor Moon ~ Kaguya Hime no koibito - $8
In used vintage condition. The cover has some dings, but the pages within are fine.
Book cover (top edge) | Book cover (top edge #2) | Binding

*Maid Senki vol.4 - $3
*The Sacred Blacksmith vol.1 & 2 - $3/each
*Venus Versus Virus vol.8 - $3
*Number vol.1 - $4
*Astral Project Tsuki no hikari - $5

*The Emerging Story of Mismarca vols. 1-3 - $4.50/each or $13 for all
*Tales of Destiny 2 vol.5 - $3
*Missing Kamikakushi no Monogatari vol.3 - $3
*Megane danshi ga suki desu - SOLD
Has several one-shot stories revolving around girls and their megane moe ^^

*Hitomi Genki Kingdom vol.2 & 3- $2.50/each
*Yamiyomori no Guuwa vol.1 - $3
*Boku wa ne - $3
From the mangaka of WJuliet.
*Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare vol.1 - $3
Top left corner of cover is a little wrinkled.
*Vampire Knight Nowaaru no Wana novel (in Japanese) - $5
Text is in Japanese, but there are also some images sprinkled throughout.

*Dance in the Vampire Bund vol.6 - $3
*Replica vol.1 - $3
Obi is a bit torn.
*Queen's Blade vol.1 - $3

Other books
Please note that none of the phonebooks come with furoku. All the color inserts are there, but posters, etc are not included unless otherwise noted. Also, while the phonebooks are in decent condition (no rips, stains, etc), they have some wear to the corners and breaks in the spine. Each of the phonebooks weighs about over 1 lb, so media mail shipping for one is $3.25. Each additional phonebook would cost an extra $.75 for shipping.

*Newtype Ace vol.1 2011 Phonebook - $6
*Dengeki Maoh (November 2009) Phonebook - $5

*Cheese! #10 (October 2008) Phonebook - SOLD
*Alive Comic vol.34 (May 2009) Phonebook - $4

*Ciao (April 2009) Phonebook - $4
*Ciao (November 2010) Phonebook - $4

*Ciao (October 2011) Phonebook - $4
*Margaret (June 2002) Phonebook - $5
Hana yori Dango, BxB Brothers, Parfait Tic, and Ichigo Channel are in this issue of Margaret.

*Hana to Yume (May 20th 2004 #11) Phonebook - $6
The corners and spine are worn. HanaKimi, Furuba, Gakuen Alice are all in this issue.
*Hana to Yume (August 20th 2003 #17) Phonebook - $6
HanaKimi, Furuba, God Child are in this issue.

*Animage (August 2000) - $6
This magazine is in decent condition, but there's a small rip in the cover on the left side and the corners are worn. It comes with all it's color pages though and two attached posters inside - Ayamiya Kia's Dark Angel and Oh! My Goddess' Belldandy.
*Animage (December 2001) - $6
This magazine is in decent condition. The cover and corners look a bit worn, but it comes with all it's color pages and there is a still attached Najica poster inside (the left side of the poster has some fold marks).

*Neon Genesis Evangelion Photo File 02 Adam - $12
Good condition. Full of files on the guys of Evangelion. I bought this at an Animate in Japan. Mint condition. When you open the book, there's a NERV ID that you can cut out ^^
*How to Draw Robots - $10
Originally $25.95. In Japanese. The top cover is creased, but in otherwise mint condition
*How to Draw Anime - $10
Originally $29.99. In Japanese.

*Full Metal Alchemist Anime Profile Book - SOLD
In good condition. No rips or tears, but there is wear to the book corners.

Japanese Fashion Magazines

*Nylon Magazine "Seoul Fashion" issue- $12
In Japanese. Korean models, fashionistas, select shops, Big Bang, and Kara are all in this Seoul-centric fashion issue. Please note that no furoku accompanied this magazine (I bought it because I thought it came with a CD/DVD...I was wrong ^^;)

*Mens Nonno 25th Anniversary Issue (w/SMAP on the cover) - $14
In Japanese. A great magazine if you have an interest in mens Japanese street wear. The trendiest brands are all in this issue including BAPE, Mastermind, etc. Also, some well-known models, including Sen *__* Please note that this magazine is quite heavy and does not include any furoku.

*PS "Pretty Style" (September 2010 No. 101) Magazine - $6.50
*Edge Style Magazine (May 2011) - $6.50

Kera Maniax Special (w/Anna Tsuchiya on the cover)- $25 shipped in the US (with free delivery confirmation)
In great condition. There's just a little normal shelf wear along the top and bottom spine. There is a special section on the wardrobe from the NANA movie. The two booklets inside are devoted to London and Paris. The booklets are on the history of these two cities, and they have a shopping guides in them. The one on Paris has a focus on Marie Antoinette, proclaiming her the "Queen of Lolita!" XD Please note that the free shipping is via media mail. If you prefer Priority Mail, that would be $4.
Kera Maniax vol. 11 (w/Shoko Nakagawa & Nana Kitade on the cover) - $27 shipped in the US (with free delivery confirmation)
In great condition, but there's a small tear at the index page. There is also a little shelf wear along the top and bottom spine. This issue comes with attached/unused patterns for projects like an Angelic Pretty apron, a Peace Now pouchette, a MAM tote bag, etc. Please note that the free shipping is via media mail. If you prefer Priority Mail, that would be $4.
Small tearPattern 1Pattern 2

Kera Maniax vol. 7 (w/Fukada Kyoko on the cover) - $28 shipped in the US (with free delivery confirmation)
In very good condition, however there is some normal shelf wear, and in one small area at the bottom right of the cover, there's a little depression. This issue has a special focus on Germany, so there's a booklet with travel spots, along with German snaps. It also comes with an attached/unused Shin & Co. sticker sheet. This particular issue is priced slightly higher because it's a bit heavier/thicker than the other volumes. Please note that the free shipping is via media mail. If you prefer Priority Mail, that would be $4.
Shin & Company Sticker Sheet
Kera Maniax vol. 13 (w/Ryoko Kobayashi on the cover) - $27 shipped in the US (with free delivery confirmation)
In very good condition, however there is some slight shelf wear and a wrinkle at the spine. IMO, the fashion spreads in this issue are very nicely done :) There's a special focus on France, so in addition to French snaps, there's a special booklet featuring the cover model, Ryoko Kobayashi, French Rococo, and a Marie Antoinette photoshoot. There are no patterns attached to this issue, but on one of the pages, there's a page with a pattern for a "Rococo" corset that you might be able to scan and print out yourself on a larger scale. If you're a Gackt fan, there's also several pages devoted to tour he did in Japan. Please note that the free shipping is via media mail. If you prefer Priority Mail, that would be $4.
Wrinkle at spine

A lot of Japanese language manga under here. I need to clear this stuff out, so deals on multiple items purchased is definitely possible.
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